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Resolve the issue of the ASRock Z370M-Pro4 motherboard not being able to obtain fan speed in Unraid.

Motherboard Model: ASRock Z370M-pro4

Installed "Dynamix System Temperature" but unable to retrieve the temperature of the motherboard and fan speed.

After some research, the problem is roughly identified as follows:

  1. Dynamix System Temperature is not a commercial application, so it can only verify a few motherboards.
  2. coretemp does not support ITE IT8686E Super IO Sensors.
  3. Some ASRock motherboards use the nct6683 sensor, which requires manual loading of the mod.

Now that we know the problem, the solution is simple. Open the terminal and manually load the driver:

$ modprobe coretemp
$ modprobe -r nct6683
$ modprobe nct6683 force=1

Then go back to "Dynamix System Temperature" and check if it is working properly.



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