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Switch Emulators Guide

Ryujinx Guide#

This guide will be divided into several sections. You can easily find the section you need using the table of contents.

For more detailed information, you can refer to the official documentation of Ryujinx here

If you encounter any issues or need assistance after following this guide, please join our Discord server and ask for help.

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Download Instructions (Important)#

Most of the content you download (not all) will be in compressed formats (e.g., .7zip, .zip, or .rar). You will need to install decompression software to use them. For example, 7zip and WinRAR.

Table of Contents#

1. Installing the Emulator#

(Optional) You can download the latest stable release from

(Optional) Github Source (Manual Compilation):

After downloading the release version, simply extract it and run the Ryujinx executable. Alternatively, you can create a subfolder named "portable" in the downloaded Ryujinx folder to run it in portable mode.

2. Installing Keys and Firmware#


When you launch Ryujinx for the first time, you will encounter a missing components error. To resolve this issue, you need to download prod.keys and place it in the appropriate directory.

Keys: View

Note: The new prod.keys will include older keys, so you only need to download the latest version and extract the archive using 7zip or WinRAR. If the downloaded content also includes title.keys, you can delete it as it is not needed.

After downloading prod.keys, open Ryujinx, go to the top left corner, click on "File," then click on "Open Ryujinx Folder." Locate the "system" folder and place the (only) prod.keys file inside it.

Restart Ryujinx, and you should no longer receive the error.


Firmware: View

Open Ryujinx, go to the top left corner, click on "Tools," then click on "Install Firmware from XCI or ZIP." Navigate to the firmware zip file and click open. When prompted with "Do you want to install the firmware," click "Yes."

After installing the keys (prod.keys) and firmware, you have completed this step.

3. Installing Games, Updates, and DLC#

Now it's time to install games. Here is a list of trusted websites where you can find Switch games, updates, and DLCs.

Note: It is recommended to install an ad blocker before visiting any of these websites, such as

Note: When downloading, you may come across three file types: NSP, XCI, and NSZ. Yuzu and Ryujinx do not support NSZ, so do not download it. XCI merges the update files into the game file, so you only need to download one file. NSP has separate game and update files, making it easier to update. Choose the one you prefer.

Loading Games on Ryujinx#

After downloading the game, place it in a folder where you want to store all your Switch games (only place the game file, not the update or DLC files).

Open Ryujinx and click on "Options," then click on "Settings." Under the "General" tab, find "Game Directories" and click on the "Add" button. Locate the location of the game folder and click "Add." Finally, click "Save" in the bottom right corner.

Loading Game Updates and DLCs#

Open Ryujinx. Right-click on the game you want to update or install DLC for. Click on "Manage Title Updates" or "Manage DLC." Then use the "Add" button to select the update/DLC files you want to install. If installed correctly, it should display the updated version next to the game.

4. Emulator Performance Optimization#

Ryujinx does not require much optimization. Simply go to the Controls tab and set up your controller (gamepad or keyboard, it is recommended to use a Switch gamepad to minimize compatibility issues). Vulkan is the preferred option, but if a game does not run on Vulkan, try OpenGL.

Note: You can now start playing games as all the necessary steps have been completed.

The following section is optional and covers installing saves, mods, shaders, and some error fixes.

5. Installing Mods, Saves, and Shaders#


You can find some Switch mods from the following sites:

To install mods, right-click on the game you want to install mods for, click on "Open Mods Directory," and paste the mods folder there. You must place the mod folder you downloaded, not just the files inside it.

To install atmosphere mods made for real hardware, right-click on the game, then click on "Open Atmosphere Mods Directory," and paste the mods folder there.


You can find some shader caches on our GitHub.


To install shaders:

  • Right-click on a game, click on "Cache Management," then "Open Shader Cache Directory," and replace it with your cache.


You can find some game saves here:

Our collection:


To install saves:

  • Right-click on the game you want to install saves for, click on "Open Application Saves Directory," and place the save file inside (or replace it).

Backing up cache files:

If you need to reinstall Ryujinx, go to "%AppData%\Ryujinx\bis\user\save" and back up the application saves folder. If using portable mode, replace "%AppData%\Ryujinx" with the portable folder.

6. Miscellaneous#

Fixing Errors or Other Issues#

BKTR Error: You will encounter this error when you launch an update instead of the actual game.

Video Core Error: The Vulkan driver is outdated.

"NCA Header key could not be found" error: The key has expired, update the key.

Crypto revision error: The key has expired (same as above).

Updates or DLC failing to install: The key has expired (same as above).

Games not appearing in your game list

  • Make sure the game files are placed in the game directory, and only the game file (updates/saves/mods should be placed in their respective directories).
  • You placed game updates in the game folder instead of the game. Check this by looking at the file name. You will see [v0] or [v357534]. [v0] is always the game. Otherwise, it is an update.
  • The game file is corrupted.


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